About Hoover Elementary

of Mt. Lebanon's seven elementary campuses to be constructed, opening as a primary school in 1965. Four years later, with the addition to the building, the program expanded to accommodate intermediate classes. It was the only school in Western Pennsylvania specifically designated and built for "team teaching" and the non graded system of education. In 2004, the building underwent an extensive renovation, however, one of the unique architectural features that remain is the large fish pond in the area that links the two buildings. The updated campus is an excellent learning environment and serves approximately 240 students in Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.

The Hoover community is dedicated to fulfilling the mission of the Mt. Lebanon School District, "to provide the best education possible for each and every student." Our exceptional teachers, staff, and parents work together to provide an outstanding learning experience for students that includes developing critical thinking and effective communication skills, building positive relationships, and promoting global citizenship.


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