Hoover PTA Committees
School Year: 2023-2024

There are lots of ways to get involved with the PTA.
Please contact President, Jennifer Boal, if you would like more information about any of our committees this year.  Many hands make light work - so we welcome volunteers for every activity! 
Below are the committee chairs/co-chairs for each PTA event.  Please access the PTA directory for contact information.  We'd love to have you volunteer!




5th Grade Activities

Mt. Lebanon tradition is that all elementary schools celebrate the 5th graders through a variety of activities including the: carnival, yearbook, end-of-the-year party, etc.  This committee works on the activities throughout the year and is made up of 5th-grade parents.  

Chair: Becki Campanero

Co-chair: Jennifer Boal, Abby Chitester 


Adopt-a-School is a PTA community service project where the students (and community) collect for a local school with winter clothing needs.  

Chair/Co-chairs: Kristy Brancolini, Sara Leuders


Apparel Sale

The Spirit Wear team works with a local vendor to design and sell Hoover-branded/Lebo-branded clothing for families and students.  

Chair/Co-chairs: Shannon Harpst, Kristy Brancolini 


The audit team includes up to 3 PTA members who are selected in May to conduct an audit during the summer and present a report at the September meeting.

Chair/Co-chairs: Stephanie Dececco-Spier, Sara Bianco, Ryan Bianco

Bake Sale

The Bake Sale committee is responsible for gathering volunteers to bake and work throughout the day. The Bake Sale occurs during the fall election. 

Chair/Co-chairs: Olivia Frye & Angela Nelson 

Breakfast with Someone Special 

Breakfast with Someone Special is an opportunity for our kiddos to bring a special adult for a breakfast treat.

Chair/Co-chairs: Olivia Frye & Tara Lavy, Ashley Hauck 


Annually, the treasurer prepares the operating budget for PTA review and approval.  Budget will be reported at each PTA meeting. 

Chair: 2023-2024 Treasurer (Anthony Puzzini) 

Campus Beautification 

The Campus Beautification committee is responsible for seeking opportunities to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the Hoover campus. 

Chair/Co-chairs: Shayna Bodi, Mary Sheridan

Corporate Rewards

Corporate Rewards publicizes and monitors various rewards programs in which Hoover families can participate (Box Top labels, etc.). The Corporate Rewards committee will research and investigate any rewards programs that are applicable for our school and present to the President for board consideration.

Chair: Anthony Puzzini

Cultural Arts 

The Cultural Arts committee is responsible for scheduling cultural arts assemblies/programs in conjunction with PTA Council Cultural Arts committee and Hoover Elementary School administration.

Chair: Jill Stephey

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

This committee looks at the Hoover PTA events and community for opportunities to increase DEI initiatives within our school.

Chair: Myla Ruiz

Co-chair: Rachel Mulholland

Fall Family Night 

Fall Family Night is a family event to welcome our families back to school. The event takes place at Hoover with pizza, inflatables, face painting, a DJ, and more! 

Chair/Co-chairs: Ashley Hauck, Lauren Jabara

Field Day

A day of sporting events and fun for our students.  Usually held in May or June towards the last day of school.

Chair/Co-chairs: Kristy Brancolini 

Food Bank

A February community service project collecting nonperishable goods for needy families.

Chair/Co-chair: Charlotte Becker


This committee looks for opportunities to raise money for the Hoover PTA. The committee sets up fundraisers such as spirit nights, etc…

Chair: Chelsea Farrell

Hoover 5K “Run through the Woods”

The Annual Hoover "Run Through the Woods" 5K is a race that starts at Hoover and winds through the local neighborhoods. The committee helps plan and organize the event, recruit sponsors, and act as a liaison between the Race Directors and PTA.

Chair/Co-chair: Shannon Harpst

Holiday Gift Shop

The HES Holiday Shop is a time where kiddos get to experience the joy of gifting for their friends and family.  This event is held in early December and provides an opportunity for students to find holiday gifts for all celebrations.

Chair: Ashley Hauck

Co-chair: Chelsea Farrell

Hoover Headlines / Newsletter

The Hoover Headlines is a bi-monthly publication focused on PTA news and events.  

Chair/Co-chair: needed 


The hospitality committee focuses on opportunities to celebrate special staff at HES throughout the year. 

Chair: Tara Lavy

Heritage Night

The Heritage Night committee coordinates a celebration of our Hoover family cultures through food, crafts and entertainment.

Chair: Marissa Joyce

Homeroom Coordinator

The Homeroom Coordinator recruits Homeroom Representatives who plan holiday parties, and assists on finding volunteers for fieldtrips and classroom events for grades K-5. 

Chair: Jennifer Boal

Juvenile Protection

The Juvenile Protection committee Identifies and resolves problems with traffic and pedestrian issues around the school.

Chair: Dannie De Novo

Kindergarten Welcome Activities

The Kindergarten Welcome Activities committee plans events to welcome our Kindergarten kiddos to our community.  These events include: Popsicles on the Playground, Coffee/Lemonade & Kleenex, as well as participating in Kindergarten Orientation.  

Chair/Co-chair: Jenn Boal, Ashley Hauck


The Legislation/Bylaws committee provides pertinent congressional and legislative information. Chair must update the Standing Rules and Bylaws, as well as working directly with the Council Bylaws chair.

Needed: Chair, Co-chair

Library Events

The Library Events committee coordinates the Book Fair and other library related events. 

Chair: Amanda Benedict

Lunchtime Clubs

Organizes various skills, languages, games and book clubs to be taught by volunteers during lunch in the winter months.

Chair: Jennifer Boal


Focuses on recruitment of parents and teachers to become members of the Hoover PTA.

Chair/Co-chair: Jane Casella, Megan Criswell


Plans and organizes the Hoover annual read-a-thon to maximize student participation in the event. Encourages sponsors to pledge their payment based on the time read or a flat donation.

Chair/Co-chair: Jill Stephy, Amanda Byerly

School in the Park (3rd grade parents)

Coordinates volunteers for the third graders' Spring day in Bird Park.  CHANGES EACH YEAR - 3RD GRADE PARENTS COORDINATE THIS COMMITTEE.

Chair: 2023-2024 Kristen McNelis & Rachel Maldonado

Playdates on the Playground

Supervises the playground and helps to coordinate the popsicle distribution

Chair: Jenn Boal

Picture Day

Organizes volunteers to help with school picture day in September.

Chair/Co-chairs: Jessica Edelson, Shannon Harpst

Scripts Spelling Bee

Coordinates with PTA Council and Hoover school for the Spring 4th and 5th grade spelling bee.

Chair/Co-chairs: Andrea Adams, Maria Koschik

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

The Staff Appreciation committee coordinates special appreciation gestures for teachers and staff of HES.

Chair: Jennifer Boal

Talent Show

The Talent Show committee plans and organizes the annual Hoover's Got Talent Show and works with students to present the show to the Hoover Community.

Chair: Anthony Puzzini

Technology (Website) 

The technology/website committee maintains the PTA Website for Hoover Elementary School. 

Chair: Matt Jamieson

Co-chair: Current PTA President