Lunch Clubs 2023

Club Descriptions

Board & Card Games Club: This club will allow the kids to choose a multi-player card or board game. 

Dance Club: This club will allow your kid to dance the lunch recess away! A variety of dance techniques will be used throughout the club.

Knee Hockey: Knee hockey is a play on the game of hockey, but the participants don't run (or skate), they play on their knees. Smaller sticks, soft pucks, and a smaller net is used.  If your kid has knee pads from roller blading, skating, etc, it is encouraged for them to bring them to the club.

Mindfulness Club: This club will encourage the kids to think more mindfully and learn techniques that support and improve their mindfulness thinking.  

Coloring Club: This club will be a "ZEN ZONE" of coloring pictures using a variety of coloring tools.

Pokemon Club: This club will teach the basics of Pokemon to kids of all experience levels!

Puzzle Club: This club will allow the kids to use those brain synapses to build puzzles of various levels and complexity.

Rainbow Loom/Jewelry Club: This club will allow the kids to make and create rainbow loom pieces and jewelry embracing their creative abilities with fun materials! 

Science Club: Let’s investigate!  The world around us is full of secrets known only to nature.  But if we look closely and ask the right questions, we can unlock these secrets.  Dr. C is looking for junior scientists to join her in the quest to answer burning questions.  How does soap remove germs from my hands?  What makes a balloon float?  Why do some people have blue eyes and some people have brown eyes?  Dr. C thinks YOU have what it takes to help answer these questions, and she hopes you’ll join in the fun with Science Club. 

Sustainability Club: Our lunch club sessions will explore topics that will be interesting, interactive, and improve our sustainable knowledge and practices. We also plan to have friends from the Mt Lebanon High School Environmental Club helping out with a few fun sessions as well!

Trick Shot Club: Think "Dude Perfect" meets YouTube trick shots! You kid's skills will be tested in fun and crazy challenges that range from bottle flipping to cup stacking and more!

Yoga Club: This club will focus on the basic of yoga for relaxation, strength building, and body awareness.